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Inside Texas Policy (11/10)

Inside Texas Policy (11/10) “It could be that my style is not perceived as combative enough,” Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn told Inside Texas Politics. In a candid interview, speaking Sen. Cornyn on why some people may think that they are very modest and “created” the … Read more at policy , not war Both sides announced a draft agreement on November 6, which establishes a framework for how the FARC, which has been fighting the Colombian government since 1964, can be transformed into a political party. Although the Agreement enters into force only once the widest … Read more at The Economist (blog)

‘this week ยป: Twitter Turns Policy is already transforming the political world. The roundtable to weigh in on it after that from Rick Klein …. Read more. twitter this week, the social phenomenon through the opening bell of the IPO. It is already transforming the political … Read more at ABC News

White House: Policy ; What policy ; The issues that the White House has said it is not politically week – Obamacare implementation, immigration reform and gay rights – stands to make big wins for Democrats if successful, and a large part of the heritage of Obama no matter what happens. Read more at