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It Policy : Linda Sanchez asks the NCAA to do more to protect against concussions

is Policy : Linda Sanchez asks the NCAA to do more to protect against concussions Rep. Linda Sanchez, who entered the National Football League for the issue of injuries head, dealing with National Collegiate Athletic Association. Sanchez, D-Cerritos, sent a letter to the president NCAA Mark Emmert, asking … Read more at
If evangelical Pull Back from Policy ; In my presentation, I note that the church is much, much more concerned with (for example) anti-poverty programs than are political or social activism, and as long as our nation not only sanctions, but also helps to fund the annual slaughter of nearly a million … Read more at
long commute is sapping your will to care for Policy Time is a crucial variable in politics. It takes time to read about the candidates, tune in discussions following the news, even just to form an opinion on the matter today (although some of us are able to do so much faster than others). So … Read more at

Bill O’Reilly: Policy America get even more bitter

Bill O’Reilly: Policy in America to get even more bitter With all the problems over Obamacare, you would think that the Republicans will gain momentum – one would think. I think that even President Clinton takes shots at Barack Obama, because so many Americans get their health insurance … Read more at
Policy and disaster relief in the Philippines [Joshua Tucker: The following is a guest post from the University of Michigan political scientists James Atkinson, Allen Hicken and Nico Ravanilla.] *****. Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines have left a trail of destruction in its wake. And while … Read more at
Elite Policy According to calculations Galston is a predominantly middle class politically and socially ballast. I think he’s right about that. Today, the center has been weakened, and our society is now dominated by an increasingly isolated and often arrogant elite. Read more at First Things (blog)